Chinese Man Traveling From Europe To Asia On Horseback After Recently Learning How To Ride A Horse

Would you ride a horse from one continent to another? That’s what Xu Zhixian of China is doing. Zhixian is traveling from Europe to Asia on horseback.

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Why horseback?

Zhixian is from Heze, located in the Shandong province, eastern China, and started his horseback journey earlier this year. He’s been posting about his journey on social media for his followers to tune in.

The 32-year-old traveler tells Ziniu News“I told my family I wanted to ride on horseback to China, but they didn’t believe me until I bought a horse and started my journey.”

He began his horseback journey on February 20th in Spain and is currently in the Netherlands. So far, he has traveled over 1,500 miles.

“When someone asked me why, I said there was no reason. I just do it because I want to,” says Zhixian.

Is he an equestrian?

Prior to embarking on his impressive journey, Zhixian had only ridden a horse one time. He learned to ride before his journey from a horse seller.

“If I went hiking by myself, it would take me six hours to finish 30 kilometers a day. It takes between 10 and 12 hours on the horse became he keeps eating on the way,” says Zhixian.

He also shares that the horse “tries to elope with another horse almost every day. He is usually reluctant to move, but whenever he meets another horse, I cannot stop him from running to them, no matter how hard I pull the reins.”

Keep up with Zhixian and his journey here.

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