2 Ways to Grow Healthier Vegetable Gardens

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Gardening is a fun and productive hobby that anyone with land, even a small backyard, can try. There are a few things you can do to boost the chances of getting harvestable vegetables and to make your produce as healthy as possible. Follow the tips below to improve your garden.

Water on a Schedule

Plants like consistency! When you buy plant seeds or starters, there will usually be instructions on how often the plants need to be watered. That information is there for a reason, so use it! Since you cannot make the rain follow a schedule, you need to make one yourself. Write this on a calendar if you can. If you have the budget for it, you can also invest in lawn irrigation systems that can be set to a timer and go off as needed to water your plants.

Use Natural Fertilizers 

It’s best to keep nasty chemicals away from your plants. For this reason, try to use natural fertilizers. You can buy these at garden supply stores or hardware stores. If you want to do something even better, use compost or manure! Manure can also be bought at the same types of stores, but compost is usually not available for sale. Instead, you would need to build your own compost bin or even used a large container as one. This has double benefits, as it is an Earth-friendly way of getting rid of food scraps and it makes all-natural fertilizer that can be used on all sorts of plants! Just as a warning, it can get stinky! However, that’s the only real problem with it.

If you want to improve your garden’s production or simply move away from using chemicals, try one or both of these tips. They will do wonders to improve your future produce.