Traveling during hurricane season? Here are 7 ways to be prepared.

As Hurricane Ian churned toward the Gulf Coast of Florida on Tuesday, airports closed, residents and tourists fled mandatory evacuation zones and people who stayed were making last-minute preparations.

The Category 3 storm is expected to make landfall Wednesday night south of Tampa, Fla., though the southern part of the state was already experiencing rain and tornado warnings early Tuesday. Authorities have been warned of dangerous storm surge and flash flooding.

Many of Florida’s prime tourism spots were affected: Airports in St. Petersburg, Tampa and Bradenton were closing Tuesday; Orlando International Airport said it would cease operations at 10:30 am Wednesday. Busch Gardens in Tampa was closed Tuesday through Thursday, while Walt Disney World, Universal OrlandoSeaWorld in Orlando and Legoland in Winter Haven were closing Wednesday and Thursday.

Thousands evacuate as Hurricane Ian barrels toward Florida

Hurricane season, which lasts from June 1 through Nov. 30, still

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Top Ten Travel Sites

Travel SitesEvery product here is independently chosen by Mashable journalists. If you purchase one thing featured, we might earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work.

One of the good mysteries of the airline trade is ticket pricing. The guy sitting next to you shelled out three times as a lot for his seat whereas the lady in front of you landed a fare that is half the price you paid. Deals are quite a few and troublesome to keep observe of. The 10 largest U.S. airways all offer Internet-only fares; , a brand new online booking engine backed by 5 of them, aims to go head-to-head with the large online booking engines, and will distinguish itself by offering on-line offers from 28 airways all in one place. However, the site isn’t scheduled to launch officially until subsequent summer season.

Momondo a method flight search – We also search Momondo, …

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Reports suggest that Canada is back within reach for traveling Americans

By the end of the month, a trip to Canada will likely be easier for some and – for the first time in more than two years – possible for others.

Multiple news outlets are reporting that Canada is expected to drop the vaccine requirement for people entering Canada as well as the requirement to fill out the ArriveCan app.

The moves are expected to take place by the end of the month , the Associated Press reported based on information provided to it by an official familiar with the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they aren’t authorized to speak publicly about it.

Canada is also expected to stop random Covid-19 testing at airports.

The United States still requires foreign travelers to be vaccinated when they enter the country.

The official told the AP that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has to sign off on the changes.

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Traveling bike-repair business expands to Ann Arbor area

ANN ARBOR, MI — A mobile bicycle-repair service is now pulling up to Ann Arbor driveways.

Little Bus Bikesa traveling bike-repair business, recently expanded its service into Ann Arbor with the addition of new employee Trevor Delandsheer.

“I grew up riding bikes all my life … and I’ve always been my own mechanic, rebuilding my own suspension, my own wheels, my own brakes — everything to do with a bicycle I just learned how to do myself,” Delandsheer said .

Little Bus Bikes was launched in 2020 by Brian Latulippe, who started the business out of his 1970s Volkswagen bus. Although the business originally served the Royal Oak area, it quickly expanded and now serves Ferndale, Clawson, Berkeley, Troy, Farmington and the Ann Arbor area.

“I already had a Volkswagen bus, I already had the knowledge of fixing bikes, so I started doing that for some friends and some

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Man shot, killed in Scarlet Pearl parking lot was traveling home to celebrate birthday with family

D’IBERVILLE, Ms. (WLOX) – We’re learning more about the man who was shot and killed in the Scarlet Pearl parking lot early Wednesday morning.

D’Iberville Police responded to the scene around 2 am after a shooting. There, they found 36-year-old Nicholaus “Nick” Craig, dead in his car. Police are actively investigating and looking for the suspect, who they believe is driving a dark blue Nissan Altima with Alabama tag 2CW6059.

Craig was a manager at Best Buy in California. Craig’s mother, Sumorris Tucker, tells us Craig and his girlfriend celebrated his birthday- Tuesday, September 20- at the Scarlet Pearl. They had just flown into New Orleans and were staying a night in D’Iberville on their way to Mobile, where Craig is originally from, to celebrate the special day with family. But he never made it home.

“I feel like a hole’s in my heart. He was one of God’s beautiful

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Traveling symphonic orchestras strike a tune with audiences

SAN ANTONIO – Professional and pro-level symphonic orchestras are gaining momentum as they travel to reach audiences beyond traditional music halls.

Five years ago, Ronnie Sanders got the idea of ​​having high-caliber musicians come together to form an orchestra and play for audiences for free.

“Would anybody show up? And they did,” Sanders said to his surprise.

He has about 70 members who audition for the part. They travel to different auditoriums in the city and area as part of the South Texas Symphonic Orchestra.

“Most of our concerts are absolutely free. We want anybody who wants to hear an orchestra to come without any problem with ticket prices,” Sanders said.

The orchestra is on donations and fundraisers for support.

“It’s different when you’re playing with two or three people and then 70 people,” Sanders said.

Vaeda Corso, who plays the cello, said there is an artistic expression she wants

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Tips for keeping your electronics charged while traveling

Having your devices run out of power is one of the most frustrating things that can happen when you’re traveling. But keeping your phone and computer charged while you’re on the road is harder than ever these days.

At least, that’s how travelers such as Sharon Terera see it.

“It’s being cut off from the rest of the universe unexpectedly — and for hours at a time,” says Terera, a human resources manager and frequent traveler from Limpopo, South Africa. “After that, you quickly learn how to navigate the blackouts and circumvent the lack of power.”

Terera never goes anywhere without two extra power banks, just in case she loses access to electricity. And if you think that’s extreme, you should talk to other travelers. Between power outages, strange plugs and batteries that seem to register “low” all the time, travelers are constantly looking for their next charge.

I confidently

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Bizarre Trail of Satellites Traveling in Straight Line Seen Over Japan

Stunningly clear footage of a long line of satellites passing through space has been captured in Japan.

in a tweets on September 5, Daichi Fujii, a curator at the Hiratsuka City Museum in the city of Hiratsuka, Japan, posted a video of a pattern of what appeared to be dozens of white dots moving slowly across the sky.

The objects in question are a group of internet-beaming Starlink satellites built by US rocket company SpaceX. According to Fujii, that particular group of satellites had been launched earlier that day in what was SpaceX’s 40th mission of 2022 so far.

Starlink satellites
A screenshot of the Starlink satellite video posted to Twitter by Daichi Fujii (Twitter user @dfuji1) on September 5, 2022 from Hiratsuka, Japan. There are nearly 3,000 satellites in orbit that are part of Starlink’s satellite internet network.
Daichi Fujii/@dfuji1/Twitter

Fujii told Newsweek he shot the video from his home in

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Chinese man gets trapped aloft in hydrogen balloon for 2 days, traveling 200 miles. He was trying to collect pine nuts from a tree.

Chinese state media I a man has been found safe after he spent two days aloft in a hydrogen balloon, traveling about 200 miles, after it became untethered and flew away while he was using it to harvest pine nuts from a tree.

The man, identified only by his surname, Hu, and a partner were collecting pine nuts on Sunday in a forest park in Heilongjiang province in northeastern China when they lost control and the balloon sailed off.

The other person jumped to the ground, and a search was launched for the escaped balloon and Hu.

State broadcaster CCTV said rescuers were able to contact the man by cellphone the following morning and instructed him to slowly deflate the balloon to land safely. It took another day before he reached the ground about 200 miles to the northeast in Fangzheng region, close to the border with Russia.

Hu was

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Traveling nurses are on the assignment

The opportunities are endless for travels nurse when it comes to picking their next work destination.

They choose the location, decide if they want to accept contract agreements, and more.

According to, traveling nurses can make between $3,000 to $7,000 thousand per week. They are averaging 36-hour work weeks.

If you want to become a traveling nurse, they are criteria that you have to obtain along with your degree or certification.

“Nearly every travel nurse started as a permanent, full-time employee at a hospital. And the reason is, is because, you know, hospitals, when it comes to travel, nurses are going to require that the candidate have at least a year and often times, two years of experience in the specialty that they are going to be working in before starting the job. And that is because they are coming in on a temporary basis,” said Blue Pipes

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