Native Americans Pick Art to Display in Traveling Exhibition

Art institutions in the United States are increasing looking to Native American communities to organize public showings, or exhibitions, of ancestral art and artifacts.

Native American voices and artistry are at the center of one new traveling exhibition. Grounded in Clay opened on July 31 at the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture in Santa Fe. It travels next year to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, before taking more stops at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and the Saint Louis Art Museum.

Grounded in Clay explores pottery from the Pueblo Indian area of ​​the American Southwest.

In Pueblo pottery traditions, artists use their hands to form clay into many shapes and sizes. Then they fire it inside a very hot stove called a kiln. The process permanently hardens the clay.

60 Native American artists, museum professionals, storytellers and political leaders worked together to develop

Traveling with pets for the first time? Here’s what you need to know.

More than 23 million American households – almost 1 in 5 nationwide – adopted a pet during the pandemic. And now, many of those Americans will try to take their first vacation with a cat, dog, or bird.

Are you ready?

Traveling with pets is one of the most controversial topics I’ve ever covered. From fake emotional support animals to annoying owners, the fur always flies when I write about animals and travel.

But it’s a fair question: What happens when you try to take all those pandemic pets on vacation with you? Should you even bother? And if you do, what should you know?

Taking a road trip with your fur children?  Make sure you bring documentation of their vaccination history and other health information.  You can ask your veterinarian to email you PDFs that you can store on your phone.

“Travel with pets has become more difficult after the pandemic,” says Josh Snead, CEO of Rainwalk Pet Insurance.

Are you traveling with dogs or cats this summer? Download these helpful apps

There’s a long list of pet travel challenges, including new fees and

The Travels Of Jesse Chavez

I could probably list every job I had since college if I was pressed to do so, although I mostly remember them in episodic moments, and not especially well at that. There are by now a couple of impacted decades of memories to go through—whole years of variously grim lunches and emptied-out hungover commutes and different rote tasks carried out in windowless rooms on sunny days—broken up periodically by periods of unemployment in which I wrote exceedingly mannered short stories and watched horror movies in the afternoon. I could tell you about many of those lunches and commutes and tasks, but I couldn’t really say—could never, really, have said—how or why I wound up at one job or another. That wasn’t really how my life went, in work or most anywhere else, for most of that time. I floated along until I snagged on to something, and stayed stuck there

During the visit, President Biden pledges to help eastern Kentucky ‘as long as it takes’

President Joe Biden said he’ll help eastern Kentucky as long as it takes.He and First Lady Jill Biden traveled there on Monday to survey the damage for themselves.The Bidens arrived in Lexington in the morning and then joined Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear and First Lady Britainy Beshear in the afternoon at Chavies, Kentucky, which is in Perry County.In remarks at the end of his tour, Biden said: “I promise you, we’re staying until everybody is back to where they were “He promised to build back better and said he’ll be back to see how things are going. They visited families affected by the devastation that began last week and saw the survey and recovery efforts at a Federal Emergency Management Agency state disaster recovery center . During the tour, Beshear said FEMA is denying too many applications on technicalities and paying too little. FEMA Administrator Deann Criswell acknowledged the problem …

Traveling to a Restaurant With a Perfect Rating on Doordash

Photo: Grub Street

A running list of everwhere I’ve been, week 28: 270. Grand Army 271. Nathan’s (the cart outside Atlantic Terminal) 272. Blueprint Bar 273. Yellow Rose 274. The HiHi Room 275. Brooklyn Pizza Market 276. Kimpanadas 277. Golden Palace 278. Kingston Tropical Bakery 279. Your Jerk Yard 280. Greek Xpress 281. Fort Defiance 282. Shinn East 283. PDT

Nothing is guaranteed in this life, not even a restaurant with an 4.9 average rating on DoorDash. But it was that stellar score on an otherwise nondescript jerk-chicken spot that pulled me out of my Brooklyn neighborhood to what is almost the very top of the subway map, 225th Street in the Bronx.

actually, Your Jerk Yard was going to be my second