New Vacation Rental Listing Plan Less Than $15 a Month! –

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Are you frustrated with listing sites that charge fees and take away your control? We’ve just made it easier to market your vacation rental and Break Away from unfriendly listing sites.

We’re excited to announce we’ve launched a new listing option called LITE. We’re inviting you to pilot our newest marketing program and be one of the first to take advantage of this new offer.

With our new LITE listings you can advertise your vacation rental for less than $15 a month. It’s just $179 for a full 12 months of marketing!

We’ve designed our LITE listings to offer you the essentials.

The LITE plan offers great marketing while reducing the support required from software tools and additional services provided in our premium listing plans.

The introduction of LITE allows us to offer a very affordable option to help even more hosts diversify and Break Away from sites that charge

11 Pain Points Vacation Rental Websites Inflict To Collect Booking Fees (Did We Miss Any?) –

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BreakAway Vacation Rentals is a vacation rental listing site created to give owners, managers and travelers more freedom and choices when it comes to renting vacation homes. But not everybody’s like us!

Many of the giant vacation rental websites go to great lengths to collect their booking fees. Their strong determination to boost revenue through “service fees” has caused several pain points in the process. We’ll discuss a few of them we’re noticing. Let us know if we missed any in the comments! 

Travelers Are Charged More

First, travelers pay more than the property is normally rented for. This is due to added fees that are charged when a reservation is made on almost every large home sharing website.

Depending on the house a traveler rents, the fees can cost a traveler $500 or more than the “real” owner’s price.

If a listing site doesn’t charge a booking fee, they’ll

The Vacation Rental Listing Alliance –

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What if vacation rental listing sites joined forces and cooperated instead of competing with one another?

The team at BreakAwayVR would like to explore this unorthodox idea.

Just like anything, there could be potential challenges that would need to be worked out. However, we believe if vacation rental listing sites are able to create some common sense synergy and collaborate with each other we could help the community further by cooperating instead of competing.

Think about the potential impact this type of mutually beneficial cooperation could have for our indsutry.

Could a “Vacation Rental Listing Alliance” help organize and defragment the book direct initiative behind the scenes while amplifying the reach of the book direct message to the world.

What if we could aggregate vacation rental inventory and possibly help cross promote rentals for owners and managers.

What if we were able to create a network of cooperative book direct/no

Altea Spain a Seaside Vacation Spot with Unique Charm and Beautiful Attractions –

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Altea Spain Vacation

Altea is a town and a municipality located in Spain. This destination is located within the Alicante Province of Spain; the area makes an amazing vacation spot, because it’s located at the seaside.

The town of Altea is located on the majestic Costa Blanca, one of the most beautiful coastal regions in all of Spain. At this Mediterranean coast, you can find some of the most popular and reputable resorts in the country.

There are many luxurious and beautiful resorts in the region, many interesting and unique places for you to explore on this seaside destination. The Altea area is a special vacation spot due to its authentic charm and beautiful natural landscape.

The town and the surrounding area are quaint seaside spots which are excellent for recreation. The small picturesque town with all of its cultural and historical attractions are surrounded by a beautiful natural scenery,

Social Media Marketing For Vacation Rentals (FREE ebook) –

If you’re like the vacation rental owners and managers I’m in contact with, you’ve probably wanted to expand your social media marketing but for whatever reason, you haven’t. Is that you?

With all the big listings sites changing the rules of the game, you need as many independent marketing channels working for your rental business as possible. Right?

Why not take full advantage of social media then. I mean why wouldn’t you?

It’s a free resource where you can market your vacation rental.

Truth is, there’s still too many folks who aren’t tapping into social media to generate bookings.

You may have wondered, how do I advertise a vacation rental on social media?

How can I generate bookings from Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social networks?

Setting up your profile is the first step to getting started but what do you do after that? That’s where it can get