The Most Beautiful Lake in Italy and You Must Visit

Italy is a beautiful country, here a lot of interesting natural attractions. One of them is water tourism, which is the famous lake its beauty. Here are some beautiful lakes in Italy:

Bolsena Lake

As you stand in the hills overlooking Bolsena Lake, its almost as if you can see heaven and endurance forever. Maybe you’re on a fantasy, of course not, you’ll get a beautiful view of this central Italian lake. This great lake is a world paradise consisting of several islands, the largest being Bisentia, with the ruins of Etruscan and beautiful churches. If you wander on the beach you will find black volcanic sand, this lake is in a volcanic crater. Lake Bolsena is a good place for fishing, swimming or seeing birds and other wild animals, including thunder birds and gray cranes. The lake also makes a great stopover point and the best spot if you are driving between Rome and Tuscany.

Ledro Lake

Ledro lake is not the largest lake in Italy, but not the size that makes it beautiful, besides the landscape stretch of nature. The lake around the alpine is located in the Trentino area, surrounded by forests, with crystal waters making it one of the cleanest in Trentino. The water is warm enough in summer to swim and sail. The lake is famous for archaeological discoveries, including bronze dwellings.

Como Lake

If you want a holiday like a celebrity you have to choose Como lake, this lake has become a tourist magnet since ancient Roman times, because the ancient roman nation who first built a villa on this lake. Many famous italian celebrities who have stopover houses and villas along the lake. But if the lake entices you further, you should know it is one of the deepest in Europe, with a height of 400 meters (1,300 feet). Travelers come here to see the landscape, explore Villa Carlotta or sample the gelato in the city of Como. The ferry service also connects the villages along the lake. If you are interested in taking a trip to Lake Como, you can visit to book your villa and lodging.

Lugano Lake

This lake is sandwiched between Italy and Switzerland, which makes it very pretty. With the Alps that flow down to the beach, the lake attracts tourists like a honeycomb. The glacial lake extends with beauty in several places, adding to its own charm. Lake Lugano is very beautiful, no matter which direction you see it. You can take a boat on a lake or ride a bike on a mountain to see more of the beauty of the panorama. Lake Lugano is a good place for fishing or you can find fossils in Monte San Giorgio.

Trasimeno Lake

Trasimeno lake in Central Italy has some of the same things as Utah’s Great Salt Lake. Both let the water in but not out. Both contain salt, although Lake Trasimeno is not as much as Salt Lake. Lake Umbria is shallow (about 5 meters or 16 feet deep) and muddy. Hannibal defeated the Roman army in 217 BC, and many fortresses proved a strategic and turbulent past. A fish festival attracts tourists in September who come to see a fish cooked with a large frying pan that handles two tons of fish per hour. Plantations, including vineyards and olive groves, surround Lake Trasimeno, providing a beautifully illuminated atmosphere.

Iseo Lake

Northern Italy is a popular place the medieval city, a visit to Lake Iseo can provide a welcome place. Surrounded by vineyards and forests, Lake Iseo is considered a hidden gem among the lakes of Italy. For one thing, it is much quieter because it is not on the tourist trail, though as beautiful as its sister lake Como and the larger Guard. Take a boat to the beautiful Monte Isola, the largest populated island in the southern lake of Europe, no cars, but you can ride a donkey to the chapel.

Maggiore Lake

This Lake is another lake claimed by two countries, Italy and Switzerland. The second largest lake in Italy (Maggiore translated as “big lake”) is located on the southern side of the Alps. The lake has a Mediterranean climate, making it possible to grow exotic plants. The lake is very beautiful when the flowers bloom in the hills. You can also make a relaxing cruise on the lake or even cycling around.

If you’ve got additional information with lake reviews in Italy, it’s time for you to plan a holiday and visit Italy, especially Lake Como, because here everyone can book villas and lodging by visiting Have a great holiday.