Social Media Marketing For Vacation Rentals (FREE ebook) –

If you’re like the vacation rental owners and managers I’m in contact with, you’ve probably wanted to expand your social media marketing but for whatever reason, you haven’t. Is that you?

With all the big listings sites changing the rules of the game, you need as many independent marketing channels working for your rental business as possible. Right?

Why not take full advantage of social media then. I mean why wouldn’t you?

It’s a free resource where you can market your vacation rental.

Truth is, there’s still too many folks who aren’t tapping into social media to generate bookings.

You may have wondered, how do I advertise a vacation rental on social media?

How can I generate bookings from Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social networks?

Setting up your profile is the first step to getting started but what do you do after that? That’s where it can get a little fuzzy for some of us.

What should I share on social media? How do you know you’re sharing the right type of content and not negatively affecting your brand?

Many of us need a little guidance. That is of course if you want to avoid some of the same mistakes I’ve made.

Owners have shared with me, they’re just not getting this whole social media thing.

That’s why I’ve prepared this guide, for you and them.

I created it as a resource for you to reference when you’re creating your marketing content.

I hope it inspires you to create ridiculously effective marketing material that makes you mad-money.

This social media marketing strategy will get more people to “like,” share and comment on the stuff you post.


Now, let’s dig in.